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Fingerprints on the Glass – and Other Signs of Ministry
God must have a sense of humor. The past few weeks much of my ministry has involved buildings – celebrations of historic building cornerstones, reconsecration of building additions, ground-breakings, and dedications of new worship spaces. We bishops do a lot of that, and I enjoy it, but the humorous part is that my teenage years in my home church in Anderson were spent being a part of congregation that had no building. So I grew up with a firm sense that churches do not need to have buildings, and here I am blessing building after building.

I think that experience in my home congregation gives me a certain perspective on church buildings – a sense that buildings and facilities are needed, but they are only tools for ministry. They certainly are not museums to be careful kept, they are facilities to be used. Some people share that perspective, but some custodians, trustees, building committees, and even pastors do not. 

Yesterday I met a kindred soul. I was leading worship to consecrate the beautiful new sanctuary constructed by the Albright UMC in Mishawaka after their old building was struck by lightning and burned three years ago. I met the custodian, who is a new member of that church, and I complimented him on the beauty and cleanliness of their new building. In particular, I noted the beautiful glass doors and walls which give that facility such an open and airy atmosphere. He responded by saying, “Yes, and we get lots of fingerprints and smudges on those glass doors.” I waited and wondered, what would be his attitude about that? Would he be like some custodians I have known who have actually said to me, “I hate it when we have so many people coming to church and getting our building dirty.”

But no, this custodian smiled and said, “I hope we gets lots more fingerprints and smudges, because that means we are reaching people for Christ.” Aha! A kindred spirit! Someone who sees buildings as tools for ministry, even if it means more work for him!
God bless all those wonderful custodians, building committees, trustees, church staffs, and leaders who share that same spirit. May all of our church facilities be well-used, filled with smudges on the glass windows, and powerfully used for ministry in the name of Christ. Amen.

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